Rhinocypha humeralis


A pair of Rhinocypha humeralis copulating in a forest reserve in Sabah, Malaysia.

Rhinocypha humeralis share their territories with few other damselflies species. In this photograph are a pair of copulating Rhinocypha humeralis (right below) and a pair of Pseudagrion pilidorsum (left above).

We can easily see both male and female Rhinocypha humeralis as they like to perch on bright sunny spots on tips of fern plants. But suddenly out of sight when they copulate because they descent to shadow dark corner below the vegetation.
This pair of Rhinocypha humeralis in the photo is only two feet above slow running stream water.

They remain in this wheel position for about one minute.

Seem damselflies understand the symbol of love as demonstrated by this pair.

The same pair Rhinocypha humeralis.

The male is only few inches near by guarding the female during oviposition. Rhinocypha humeralis do not oviposit in tandem.

The females oviposit in wet woody stems few inches above flowing water.

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