Difference images of female Rhinocypha humeralis for comparison of color

A young mature female  Rhinocypha humeralis of Malaysia

Female damselfly (and some dragonfly) have well-developed ovipositors used to insert eggs into plant tissue.
(some dragonflies the ovipositor valves are reduced, and eggs are dropped into water)

Both male and female have caudal appendages at last segment of the abdomen (segment 10), which in males work like claspers to grasp the female during mating.

The photos below belong to a single mature female Rhinocypha humeralis  taken on 29th October 2006 in Sabah, Malaysia. This is a rear species of damselfly in Malaysia. In Asia, it was see only in Philippine, Indonesia and Malaysia

When a female Rhinocypha humeralis is still young, her color is coffee body with light yellow marking.  When looking at a distance under direct sunlight, it mixture of coffee and yellow give you an illusion of golden color.

After oviposition and as the female aged, her light yellow color gradually turn light blue. This make her look similar to a blue male as image below,

    A matured male Rhinocypha humeralis

  An aging female Rhinocypha humeralis


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