A female Agriocnemis femina oryzae feeds

I have seen several Agriocnemis femina oryzae being eaten by another bigger species of damselflies, only today for the first time I saw a Agriocnemis femina oryzae feeds on something.  

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This is my first photo on her. She caught an insect when  I was not paying attention and stopped in front of me and start chewing  ......what a rear moment.

This is my last photo of her before releasing her back to the grasses.  From 2:51 to 3:11, in 20 minutes she swallowed an insect as big as her thorax.  She bit the hard part of the insect body to break and soften it,  she squeezes the abdomen for 'Juice'......see photo detail below

What is the Agriocnemis femina oryzae eating ?  A fly ? A cockroach ?
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When she first appeared, I noticed a big dark object. Is a fly she caught. What an excitement for me. It is difficult to see a Agriocnemis femina feeds...

The insect's 3 pairs of legs looks like a cockroach. If true, this is discovery of world smallest cockroach.  But it is not a cockroach (unfortunately)...

She is enjoying her meal. If it is a fly that has 2 big eyes, then she has already eaten the 2 big eyes. The insect has white patent in front the thorax...

The back of insect looks spider, but it is not a spider. The  wings are gone. Did she byte the wings off first?

02:53 PM 02:53 PM 02:53 PM 02:53 PM

Look carefully  the insect's  3 pairs of legs are still intact...

Now she starts chewing the front right legs of the insect....

The 'dram stick ' - fat tight of the right legs is now half gone....

The leg is gone. But she has 5 more dram sticks to go....

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Look at her sharp white jaw and she put white lip stick on her dark mouth. By now she has chewed off the shoulder and exposed the freshly juicy shoulder meat of the poor insect... yami.

The insect has long hairy legs. So as her, she also has long hairy legs but more that that she has long sharp toes, two on each legs. She has Babbi's long slim beautiful legs...but hairy.

Observe the way she hold her food. She uses her front legs to lift up the dead insect.  Notice that her front feet are not attaches to the body (thorax) but attached directly to her neck...

The white tooth is Mandibles,  a pair of toothed jaws for cutting and chewing.

Lower part of the mouth is a snake' tongue share LABIUM. Labium is a pair of plates fused together to form the lower lip.

The mouth parts of a damselfly :

Labrum = the upper lip of the insect mouth.

Mandibles =  a pair of toothed jaws for cutting and chewing.

maxillas = a pair of accessory jaws inside the mouth normally not being seen outside.

A pair of sensory organ maxillary palp is attached to maxillas.

Labium, is a pair of plates, fused together to form the lower lip of the mouth with  a pair of labial palp attached


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