The following images show the development of white powder on immature Male Agriocnemis femina oryzae Lieftinck :

Male #1 Male # 2


Imature Male Agriocnemis femina oryzae Lieftinck, 1962 白粉細蟌雄蟲

An inmature  male Agriocnemis femina oryzae Lieftinck 1962 is not difficult to find.  The are usually around with the matured male. Though  the matured and imatured are similar in size, their outlook are so different in colour.

This tiny damselfly with hindwing about 10 mm is a confusing species because of colour changes with maturity. When immature the male is green and orange but on maturity the synthorex developed with heavy pruinescence (white powder)  on the head.



The long, slender abdomen of the male is equipped with a pair of claspers situated near its rear tip.

Just in front of the claspers are the openings of the male reproductive organs. When preparing to mate, the male transfers a drop of sperm from the opening by bending his abdomen forward and underneath to touch special receptacles near the front of the abdomen (just behind the last pair of walking legs).

He then flies off to find a female to mate with and takes hold of her by the neck using his Jaspers. Mating is then achieved as the male perches holding the female while she bends her abdomen around under his body to touch her tip against his sperm-filled receptacles. She then takes some sperm into her reproductive tract. After mating, the pair may fly around in the "tandem" position, with the male towing the female; this may often be observed in the spring.




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