Mating of Agriocnemis femina oryzae Lieftinck, 1962

Photos of damselflies and dragonflies are valuable documentation to confirm the identity of a male and female. As very often a female of a species looks identical to male of another species, and an armature hardly can correctly identify....Not until a photo is available as proof.

Agriocnemis femina oryzae is Tiny damselfly (male hindwing 10 mm).

This is a confusing species because of colour changes with maturity. The immature male is green and orange but on maturity it becomes dark with heavy pruinescence on the head and synthorax.

Females may be olive green or red and vary in the markings on the thorax.

They commonly fly in tandem during mating when disturbed but they never goes too far from the drain.

4th Pair

1 July 2009 5:21 PM
Dragonfly Pond

The 4th pair are Young Male and Matured Female

Both seperated shortly after this photo.  This is different with Agriocnemis pygmaea which lasted for about 5 minutes


Female #4

1) Thin White powder only at lower part of the thorax indicating not fully matured yet.

2) Phot above : Her ovipositor (last 3 segments) clean without mud stain indicating she has never lied eggs yet.


1st Pair

1 Nov 2006, 09:29 AM

2nd Pair

1 Nov 2006, 12:05 PM

3rd Pair

12 Nov 2006, 2:30 PM

This 1st pair are mature male and RED form female. (Female has 2 color forms)

It lasted about a minute and suddenly break apart and female could not be seen near by.


The following are closer look at the 3 female Agriocnemis femina oryzae that have different color and appearance :


The second pair are mature male and mature female.

It lasted about a minute. Then both gently disconnect each other but remain at the same spot for another minute.

They flew apart but within one foot from each other.

Then the female began to exercise her abdomen and......see photo details below.


This 3rd pair are mature male and VERY mature female. This female is VERY matured by identifying from her thick white powder on thorex
Female #1

Red color indicate this damselfly is still immature.


Female #2

1) Thin White powder is developing over her lower thorax.


Female #3

1) Thick White powder already developed over her thorax.

2) Her ovipositor (last 3 segments not seen in this photo) stained with mud indicating she has lied eggs earlier.

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