Agriocnemis femina oryzae (Lieftinck, 1962) 白粉細蟌熟雌 蟲


What insects eat  Agriocnemis femina oryzae (Lieftinck, 1962) ?

So far 2 type of insects been seen pray on Agriocnemis femina oryzae.

1) Damselfly (their on kind though no the same species)

2) Spider


The following empty body is the second dead Agriocnemis femina oryzae I found on 1 November 2006 ( Previous day I found the 1st one) a spider web.  The spider web was build on water grasses and only 2 to3 inches above water.  At this high is the flying space of a egg-laying Agriocnemis femina oryzae. 

Both dead Agriocnemis femina oryzae I found are female.

The spider sucked the inside body part totally empty and clean. As you can see from this photo - the shadow at the bottom of the empty body suppose to be dark but is bright showing light passing the empty shell.

But what spider is that ?

Between the head parts and the body part (thorax) are strong macle. And the front legs are attached to the head part not to the body part.

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