Genus : Agriocnemis

Agriocnemis femina oryzae 白粉細蟌 male

Agriocnemis femina oryzae 白粉細蟌


Agriocnemis genus has  three tiny species widely found  in drains, ponds and swamps from the lowlands.

Agriocnemis femina is the most common in Sabah. The immature male  is green and orange but on maturity it becomes dark with heavy pruinescence on the head and synthorax. The labrum (upper lip) is shining metallic-purple. The male appendages are distinctive and unusual, with the lower pair very long in relation to the upper pair. Females may be olive green or red and vary in the markings on the thorax. They are almost always found in open country and are often reproductively active late in the day, females ceasing oviposition only at sunset.

Agriocnemis pygmaea is distinguished by the male anal appendages, (quite unlike those oi femina), and by shape of the female prothorax. Agriocnemis pygmaea   is probably widespread. It is very like immature Agriocnemis femina in color.

Agriocnemis minima seems to be confined to the south and east of Borneo and is found in swamp forest.

Agriocnemis femina Agriocnemis pygmaea Agriocnemis minima
male anal appendages male anal appendages male anal appendages
female prothorax female prothorax female prothorax

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