Euphaea impar (Selys, 1859)


Found in Asia: Brunei Darussalam, Borneo, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand
Genus : Euphaea Super-Family: CALOPTERYGOIDEA Family: EUPHAEIDAE

  • Kingdom: Animalia - animals
    • Phylum: Arthropoda - arthropods
      • Class: Insecta - insects
        • Order: Odonata - dragonflies and damselflies
          • Family: Euphaeidae
            • Genus: Euphaea
              • Species: impar Selys, 1859
                • Scientific Name: Euphaea impar Selys, 1859

 Euphaea impar (Selys, 1859)

Male hind wing 25 mm, Blue sides to thorax and dark patch on hind wings. Female has clear narrow wings...Slow flowing streams in dense lowland forest

Favorite perching place is dried twig or branch half meter above water.

Euphaea impar male is recognizable by its heavy build with bright blue color at side of thorax, and broad dark patch at the tip of the hind wing. It is common in clear rocky forest streams, almost all small, partially-shaded forest streams.

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