Euphaea subcostalis 藍彩幽蟌

or Euphaea subnodalis (Laidlaw, 1915)  ??

ID Source :

Found in China, Malaysia

Genus : Euphaea


Euphaea subcostalis

♂ 37mm

body length = 37mm
hind wing = 26mm

Segment 1

brilliant blue-green metallic patches on the hindwing
Ventral View

Lateral View

".....Of great interest is that fact that on Euphaea subcostalis, the seminal vesicle (a bulbous structure at the rear end of segment 2) has pointed lateral projections that might serve the same function as the pseudoauricles.  This species also has small pseudoauricles.  Looking at C. cyanifrons again, I see that its seminal vesicle also has these projections!  None of the other species in the family EUPHAEIDAE that I looked at had other than smoothly rounded seminal vesicles....."

Dennis Paulson, Director Slater Museum of Natural History University of Puget Sound Tacoma, WA 98416


Euphaea subcostalis is one of the most colorful damselflies in Sabah with shinning metallic blue in middle of both hind wings.

This is the side of the wings (the underside of the wings) a male used to attract a female’s attention

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