Copera vittata vittata (Selys, 1863)

Found in Asia: Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand

Genus : Copera

  • Kingdom: Animalia - animals
    • Phylum: Arthropoda - arthropods
      • Class: Insecta - insects
        • Order: Odonata - dragonflies and damselflies
          • Family: Platycnemididae
            • Genus: Copera
              • Species: vittata (Selys, 1863)
                • Scientific Name: Copera vittata (Selys, 1863)

A female Copera vittata.

This species of damselfly is common in swampy forested habitat.
But a female is easily missed because female damselfly generally much less impressive or conspicuous and their activities mostly in shaded areas of near by trees.

A closer look. Damselflies are more cooperative photographic subjects than dragonflies.

Color of female by nature is not as brilliant as the male. This female Copera vittatais a good example.

Copera vittata can be easily identify by its bright orange long legs and ‘untidy’ marking on the thorax. This is the only damselfly species in my area that does not have a ‘neat’ looking marking.

Copera vittata may look dainty but highly alert that very difficult to get close enough to get a close up image. They are common and widespread in Sabah and can be easily missed because only when they started flying we then notice they are around.

Copera vittata remain in tendom for long period of time before and during ovipositing.

The male has a long and powerful Inferior anal appendage (lower pair of long appendage in the photo with black mark)


A newly emerged female Copera vittata  in pale whitish 'ghost' forms.

This female was still in the process of expending her abdomen when I get near to her forcing her to made her maiden flight earlier then she should. 

Here as seen in the photo, the abdomen length is not yet reaching the maximum length yet but in a minutes or so the abdomen length will reach its full length which is almost double the length of the wing.

When fully matured, her color will be darken from this temporary pale reddish to soft  black of warm feeling.

Copera vittata  a  slender and dainty damselfly with  variegated pattern of greenish yellow maculation on synthorax. Unique in legs' orange red color.

There are several variants (or may be separate sub species)

Found in sluggish channels and shallow pools in swampy forest. Widespread in South Asian countries of India, Thailand, Indonesia (tropical Asia). Unseen in China and Japan (North Asia)


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