Camacinia gigantea (Brauer, 1867)

Found in Asia: Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam

Identification Guide to Camacinia gigantea

Identification Guide to Camacinia gigantea
the largest of the Libellulidae


body length = 50mm
hind wing = 48mm
wingspan = 100mm

Camacinia gigantea  

Colour and pattern suggest a huge Neurothemis but habits very different. $ hw 47-52 mm; similar to S but basal wing colouring pale and less extensive. Lowland ponds and lakes in open areas, especially along the landward margins of mangroves. Larvae probably semi-pelagic; of similar outline to Hydrobasileus croceus but more elongate and ab lacking dorsal spines and lateral spines on S8. Adults fly rapidly, sailing over long reaches of their habitat, perching infrequently. Widespread but rare in Indo-Australian tropics.  

Camacinia gigantea is the largest of the Libellulidae (hw, 45-47 mm) and unmistakable by virtue of its extensive opaque brownish-red areas on the basal part of the wings. It is a splendid insect, at first suggestive of a very large Neurothemis. The coloration is fainter in teneral individuals and females. It is a widespread lowland species, in Borneo rarely encountered on lakes and in lagoons on the landward side of mangroves.



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