Neurothemis fluctuans

Found in China, Indonesia, India, Lao, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand
Genus : Neurothemis Super-Family: LIBELLULOIDEA Family: LIBELLULIDAE

Neurothemis terminata


Neurothemis ramburii


Neurothemis fluctuans
Male : Bright Red
Female : 1- Clear Wings and 2- Dark Wings
Male : Bright Red
Female : 1- Clear Wings and 2- Dark Wings
Male : Dark Red
Female : Clear Wings

Neurothemis terminata male
Neurothemis terminata
Matured 43mm

Neurothemis ramburii MALE

Neurothemis ramburii MALE

Neurothemis fluctuans Matured Male
Neurothemis fluctuans
Matured Male 31mm

Neurothemis terminata
FEMALE has two different type:
Type 1 - Clear Wings

Type 2 - Dark Wings

Neurothemis ramburii FEMALE has two different type:
Type 1 - Clear Wings

Type 2 - Dark Wings

Female Neurothemis ramburii



Wings of male Neurothemis ramburii

Matured Male 41mm
2016-09-19 GEMOK
Wings of male Neurothemis ramburii
Juvenile Male 38mm
2016-09-17 SG IMAM

Neurothemis terminata  Female 35mm
Female 35mm
2016-02-29 BUKIT GEMOK

Wings of Neurothemis ramburii
Juvenile Female 37mm
2016-02-25 VOCATIONAL


Neurothemis fluctuans is common in Bukit Gemok stream and the Dragonfly Pond near the junction to Tawau Hills Park.

The female Neurothemis fluctuans is light brown with transparent wings.

Male Neurothemis fluctuans and male Neurothemis ramburii can be easily confused. They often found together sharing the same stream and same pond.

Neurothemis fluctuans is smaller than Neurothemis ramburii. The quick identification to them is male Neurothemis fluctuans has white appendage while male Neurothemis ramburii is red appendage.




Colour maturation of a male Neurothemis fluctuans (Fabricius, 1793)


A comparison of a young and an old female Neurothemis fluctuans

The different pattern of male Neurothemis fluctuans

A comparison of wing knots between Neurothemis fluctuans and N. terminada (all female)


A comparison of pattern of male and female Neurothemis fluctuans


How big is a female Neurothemis fluctuans ?

Photo left is a life female Neurothemis fluctuans  enclosed in a clear PVC beg over graph sheet for size measurement.

See detail of size measurement of this female N. fluctuans

or click on the photo to enlarge

Neurothemis fluctuans is about 0.5 cm shorter than Neurothemis  terminatata and Neurothemis ramburi. Abdomen mainly dark brown lacking well defined red marking.

Female with clear wings with wings hyaline with slight yellow tint at base.

Wild spread in tropical Asia.

Neurothemis fluctuans  is a comparatively small species. The hindwing is 21 to 25 mm.

The border of the pigmented area on the hindwing curve back to meet the hind margin well before the level of the pterostigma.

The extent of this dark patch is variable, sometimes reaching the base of the pterostigma and sometimes extending to the distal end.

The wings of the female are unmarked.

It is exceedingly common in open, disturbed habitats and also ventures far from its breeding site. It breeds at least up to 1000 m and may be found much higher as a vagrant.


Neurothemis fluctuans is a common yet beautiful species in Sabah. Found easily at the forest fringe, in secondary vegetation near water.  This one I found beside a mountain stream near Bukit Gemok, Sabah  on 1st October 2006



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