Orthetrum testaceum testaceum (Burmeister, 1839) 赭黃蜻蜓

ID Source#1 : http://www.asia-dragonfly.net

Found in China, Hainan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Viet Nam


The male first 'court' the female by grabbing her behind her eyeballs, using his appendages at the end of his abdomen (tail) and tow her in the tandem position. IF she is receptive, they will mate in the 'wheel' position.

They copulate for about 10 minutes during which they flew in pair a couple of times changing locations.

After 10 minutes of  mating, the female flew to the drain to lays her eggs. She tiped  her hind end into the water for about 50 times to wash off the fetilized eggs.

The eggs  are washed off the tip of the female's abdomen when she dips it in the water while in hovering flight.

They stay together during oviposition. The male  hovers above to guards the female against predators and rival males.

Odonates (draginfly and damselfly) oviposit in three ways:

1)  Endophytic (within a plant),

2)  Epiphytic (on the surface of the plant),

3)  Exophytic (on water or land).


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