Bark gnawing Beetles-Ostomidae

The family Ostomidae is divided into two subfamilies: Tenebrioidinae and Ostominae. Beetles of the subfamily Tenebrioidinae are elongate insects with an unusually large gap between the head and pronotum. The head and pronotum are of approximately equal width. Bark-gnawing beetles of the subfamily Ostominae, on the other hand, are oval or elliptical and have no noticeable gap between the head and pronotum. The heads are much narrower than the pronotums.

Tenebnoides maurffanlcus is one of the most common members of this family. It is a black beetle with a flattened, elongate body. The adults are small, usually only about % inch long. The larvae are usually called cadelles. They are somewhat larger and have dark heads, dark spots on the thorax, and each has a pair of hooked appendages on the end of the abdomen. Both adults and larvae are grain feeders, frequently invading grain silos and causing serious damage. They also feed on other insects.

TemnochUus v/rescens, another common ostomid, is equipped with powerful mandibles and can administer a painful bite to the careless collector.


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