Dried fruit and Sap Beetles - Nitidulidae


The small, elongate or oval beetles of this large family are found in most parts of the world. Most species display only a single color, although some-members of the genus Epurea, for example-are brightly marked. In some species, the elytra or wing covers are short, exposing several abdominal segments.

Most species of the Nitidulidae are usually seen around decaying fruits, on trees from which sap is flowing, or on certain types of fungi. Some are serious pests. Nitidulids of the genus Meligethes, for example, feed on flowers and can cause devastation in a garden. Members of the genus Carpophilus are often found in raisins, figs, and certain types of drugs. Nitidulids of the genus Epurea feed on fungi and sometimes prey on other insects.


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