Net-winged Beetles-Lycidae



The net-winged beetles closely resemble soldier beetles and lightning bugs. Found in most parts of the world, the Lycidae are slender and soft-bodied and usually favor wooded areas. The adults feed primarily on decaying plant material, but they sometimes attack other insects. The larvae are predaceous.

The most distinguishing feature of the Lycidae is the elytra, which are marked by a netlike pattern of raised lines or veins. Swellings along the side edges of the elytra are filled with air, offering the net-winged beetle protection without the disadvantage of weight. In some species the elytra are extremely wide, stretching far beyond the beetle's body.

Most of the Lycidae are brilliant red, orange, or yellow-colors that, for some reason, predators tend to avoid. The Lycidae are greatly in need of this added protection for their movements are extremely slow and somewhat clumsy.


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