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Liprocea fusiformis/Larnia fusiformis


Location : Taman Semarak 15-8-2009 9mm

Lariniaria SEMARAK

Female 9mm  Found in Semarak, Malaysia on 15-8-2009. This female spider with half of the left leg missing.
Taman Semarak market area is less then 1 km distance to Tawau River (Sungai Tawau)

In this Genus Lariniaria Grasshoff, 1970, according to the record of wikipidia, only one species in the whole world. This species, the Lariniaria argiopiformis (Bösenberg & Strand, 1906) , so far recorded in Russia, China, Korea and Japan .

But 6 species of this spider genus are reported from Japan. Of these, three species, L. phthisica (L. KOCH, 1871), L. fusiformis (THORELL, 1877) and L. jeskovi MARUSIK, 1986, are newly recorded from this country, and two are new to science and are described under the names, L. sekiguchii and L. onoi. The only species hitherto known from Japan, L. argiopiformis BÖSENBERG et STRAND, 1906 is redescribed.

This Lariniaria found in Borneo Island is different in pattern with Lariniaria argiopiformis.

A temporary name, Lariniaria SEMARAK is given to her after the area she was found, Semarak in Sabah.

Gold spider of Sabah - Lariniaria SEMARAK

This female body length 9mm, A normal male is 6-8mm,

Body color brown, oval-shaped abdomen slender,

Abdomen top has yellow belts (brown longitudinal stripes)

Long hairy legs with dots.

Species mainly distributed in low-elevation mountain areas, low bushes or open habitats in the river.

Active at night. Weaving round net.  Hid behind leaves during the day.





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