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Family Linyphiidae
Genus Plectembolus

Plectembolus biflectus Millidge & Russell-Smith, 1992
Plectembolus quadriflectus Millidge & Russell-Smith, 1992
Plectembolus quinqueflectus Millidge & Russell-Smith, 1992
Similis Plectembolus Millidge & Russell-Smith, 1992
Plectembolus triflectus Millidge & Russell-Smith, 1992

    Plectembolus sp KNP
Plectembolus KNP
16-12-2009 KNP

皿網蛛科 Linyphiidae

sheet-web weavers, dwarf spiders

Their web is either : Flat, bowl-shaped, or domed

- small in size with long thin legs
- web a flat sheet often with perpendicular strands of silk above
- spider hangs upside down under web
- Habitat: fields and woods, usually low to ground
- Size: 2-7 mm

Family Linyphiidae

More than 4,300 described species in 578 genera worldwide.

Linyphiidae is the second largest family of spiders after the Salticidae.

New species are still being discovered throughout the world, and the family is poorly known.

Commonly known as sheet weavers (from the shape of their webs)

There are six subfamilies:

1) Dubiaraneinae
2) Erigoninae
3) Leptyphantinae
4) Linyphiinae
5) Micronetinae
6) Mynogleninae

Common genera include

  • Plectembolus
  • Neriene,
  • Lepthyphantes,
  • Erigone,
  • Eperigone,
  • Bathyphantes,
  • Troglohyphantes,
  • the monotypic genus Tennesseellum and many others.


These are among the most abundant spiders in the temperate regions, although many are also found in the tropics.



Sunday, 30 September, 2018 03:31:20 PM