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Superfamily: Araneoidea
Family: Mysmenidae
Petrunkevitch, 1928


Acrobleps Hickman, 1979 (Tasmania)
Anjouanella Baert, 1986 (Comoro Islands)
Brasilionata Wunderlich, 1995 (Brazil)
Calodipoena Gertsch & Davis, 1936 (Central America, Caribic, Algeria)
Calomyspoena Baert & Maelfait, 1983 (Galapagos)
Crassignatha Wunderlich, 1995 (Malaysia)
Iardinis Simon, 1899 (Nepal, India)
Isela Griswold, 1985 (South Africa)
Itapua Baert, 1984 (Paraguay)
Kekenboschiella Baert, 1982 (New Guinea)
Kilifina Baert & Murphy, 1992 (Kenya)
Leviola Miller, 1970 (Angola)
Maymena Gertsch, 1960 (Central to South America)
Microdipoena Banks, 1895 (USA to Paraguay, Africa)
Mysmena Simon, 1894 (Mediterranean, Oceania)
Mysmenella Brignoli, 1980 (Palearctic, Africa, Oceania)
Mysmeniola Thaler, 1995 (Venezuela)
Mysmenopsis Simon, 1897 (USA to Peru)
Phricotelus Simon, 1895 (Sri Lanka)
Tamasesia Marples, 1955 (Samoa, New Caledonia)
Taphiassa Simon, 1880 (New Caledonia)
Trogloneta Simon, 1922 (USA, Europe, Canary Islands)

Crassignatha danaugirangensis

Discovering a new spider species was not what she had anticipated when she signed up for her field course in Tropical Biodiversity, says Elisa Panjang, a Malaysian master's student from Universiti Malaysia Sabah. She is one of twenty students following the course, organised by Naturalis Biodiversity Center in The Netherlands, and held in the Danau Girang Field Centre in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. The aim of the one-month course, say organisers Vincent Merckx and Menno Schilthuizen, is to teach the students about how the rich tapestry of the tropical lowland rainforest's ecosystem is woven.

Providing instant access to data behind species discovery :

Students Discover a Tiny New Spider in Borneo :

Students on field course bag new spider species
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