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A Male Nephila pilipes Bottom view of  A Male Nephila pilipes
A Male Nephila pilipes

A Male Nephila pilipes

24-1-2013 11:59AM BUKIT TENGKORAK


The female Nephila pilipes may be the largest spider in the world, but its male counterpart is as tiny as 5mm.

Size = 5mm


A Male Nephila pilipes  

Though after at the same web with the females, the male are usually overlooked by us for its to small a size.

Nephila pilipes Male

Nephila pilipes - Golden Web Spider

Nephila pilipes
Golden Web Spider

Nephila pilipes also called Giant Wood Spider


This photo at left was taken in Gudang Empat in Sabah.

Nephila pilipes is the largest web spider species in Borneo.

The Giant wood spider (Nephila maculata/nephila pilipes) http://www.naturia.per.sg/buloh/inverts/nephila.htm

Also named as the Golden Orb web spider or the Banana spider.

One of the largest spiders in the world.

The golden color of its web is what gives it one of its names. Its silk has a yellow color due to the presence of xanthurenic acid and quinones. From photo above you can see that the web is yellowish. Under the sunshine the web is a shinning golden web.

The web itself is the strongest of spider webs.

The web above 2 meters in diameters and strong enough to trap  large flying insects. Its usual prey are butterflies, grasshoppers etc. which get stuck in its nest.

The spider is known to leave insect wings within its large web as a visible warning to warn off birds.

When the eggs are to be laid, the female, unlike most spiders, digs a hole, lines it with silk and lays her egg in it.

When the young spiders hatch they have to quickly disperse before they get cannibalised by their siblings.




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