We have four image records of Psechrus borneo; 2 female and 2 male:

Psechrus borneo

Psechrus borneo Psechrus borneo Psechrus borneo
Psechrus borneo

Male 15mm
2015-04-17 KANOWIT,


Psechrus borneo

Female 9mm
2015-6-2 Ng TAU, Sarawak

Psechrus borneo

2009-07-12 GUDANG 4

Psechrus borneo

Young Female 7mm
2009-07-19 GUDANG 4

Family Psechridae
Psechrus borneo Levi, 1982 Borneo


Psechrid Spiders (Family Psechridae)

Large spiders with long legs. They build webs in shrubs, low vegetation or even the lower branches of trees.
both rows of eyes almost straight

The Psechridae are a family of spiders with about 50 species in two extant genera, recently revised by Bayer (2011, 2012).

With body lengths of up to 2 cm and funnel webs more than 1 m in diameter, they are among the biggest cribellate spiders.

Psechrids construct cribellate webs and Fecenia construct webs that are similar to orb webs of Orbiculariae spiders, a remarkable example of evolutionary convergence (Blackledge et al. 2012, Agnarsson et al. 2013).

Psecrhidae spiders are only found in South East Asia, where they occur in forests from lowland to altitudes exceeding 2000m. Female Psechrus carry their egg-sac in the chelicerae, similar to their relatives, the ecribellate Pisauridae.


This is the web of a male Psechrus borneo at Gudang 4.

This male Psechrids spider construct cribellate webs more than 0.5 meter in diameter and 1+- meter height.

Male 2009-07-12 Gudang 4

Psechrus borneo Male

Psechrus borneo feature several characteristics normally found in ecribellate spiders, for example brood care behavior, and a colulus with no apparent function (Fang et al. 2000).

Family Psechridae
Psechrus borneo Male

17-4-2015 Kanowit


Psechrus borneo Levi, 1982  BorneoPsechrus borneo Levi, 1982  BorneoPsechrus borneo Levi, 1982  BorneoPsechrus borneo Levi, 1982  Borneo

Psechrus borneo Levi, 1982 Borneo

Young Female 7mm
19-7-2009 GUDANG 4


A recent phylogenetic analysis places Psechridae as close relatives to following families:

1- Family Oxyopidae - Lynx spiders
2- Family Lycosidae - wolf spiders
3- Family Pisauridae - nursery web spiders

Psechridae Oxyopidae Lycosidae Pisauridae

Eye arrangement of other families for comparison

Family Araneidae Family Nephilidae Family Pholcidae Tetragnathidae



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