Female Opadometa fastigata of Bukit Gemok

Photo above :  Female Opadometa fastigata of Bukit Gemok

Classification: Family Tetragnathidae, Big-Jawed Spiders.
Habitat: Wooded areas.
Female: 8-9 mm.
Male: 3.5 mm.
Distribution: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India.

Opadometa fastigata (Simon, 1877)
Family: Tetragnathidae
Size: 7-9 mm.
Distribution: India, Philippines.
Habitat: Low shrubs in shaded and moist environments.

These are orb web builders in shaded vegetation. The cephalothorax is flat which is pale yellow, darkens medially and towards the margin. Pedicel joins the abdomen some distance along the ventral side. Front of the abdomen of the female tapers strongly and overhangs most of the carapace. The abdomen is tubular, tapers to the front and protrudes to the rear over the spinnerets. There are silver white patches all over the abdomen. The legs are long and thin with dark brown annulations. Femora IV with uniform rakes of long curved trichobothria. There is also a substantial brush of hairs all round or almost all along tibia IV.

Opadometa fastigata

This is a young Opadometa fastigata spider about 4mm in body length found just half a meter away from the below adult spider.

More about this young Opadometa fastigata spider

Opadometa fastigata (Simon) 1877

Pear-Shaped Leucauge
Opadometa fastigata (Simon) 1877

Opadometa fastigata (Simon) 1877

The eyes of a female Opadometa fastigata spider in Sabah, Malaysia
Spiders have special glands called "spinneret" located in their abdomen which helps them to produce the silk for web.

Many species of spider have different glands to produce silk for different jobs, such as housing and web construction, defense, capturing and detaining prey, or mobility. Thus, different specialized silks have evolved with material properties optimized for their intended use. For example, Argiope argentata has five different types of silk, each for a different purpose.


The last pair of legs are well armed with strong spines (the hair brushes orgaiters) on the tibial segment of legs
A close up look at the foot of a Opadometa fastigata spider.

Opadometa fastigata species typically build a web with a central component of heavy zigzag silk but there is not a string of insect debris stretched across the web.

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