Species : Pristidia longistila

Family Clubionidae

Species : Pristidia longistila

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9 January 2012 Batu Lintang, Sarawak

9-1-2012 MON 4:58PM



This male spider was found on 9 January 2012 at a big tree at Batu Lintang, one mile from Kuching City Centre. This big tree is the only tree left after the developer cut down all the rest of the trees at this area in 2013 to develop a large shopping mall of Kuching.  This only tree left behind in Batu Lintang was behind the Fire Department. Perhaps this corner of land where the tree is, possible belong to the Fire Department hence spare this tree from being cut down.

In 2014 we return to that tree, thank God it is still there, and was amazed that within less then an hour we found 6 different species of spiders.


Species : Pristidia longistila

View of Carapace with Pedipalp

Pedipalp: The second pair of appendages. In mature males the tip becomes an organ used to transfer sperm to the female.

Ventral View and Dorsal View of abdomen

Pigmented spot between the booklungs.
Carapace : a protective cover over the cephalothorax.

The tree in Batu Lintang where the above male Pristidia longistila was found.


It is a 2-in-1 tree. The story behind this big tree: