Family : Gnaphosidae
Genus : Hitobia
Species : Hitobia sp EDA

Female 3.5mm

This is the first and only female  Hitobia record we have.  Unsure of the species name, a temporary code Hitobia sp EDA was given. It was found wandering on the ground of abandoned log yard of Eda sawmill in Sabah.

Posterior Median Eyes are oval

This Hitobia's eyes are in two horizontal rows of 4. The posterior median eyes are shiny and are the largest eyes and in unique oval shape.

Median=In the middle

Ventral view 腹部 of this Hitobia sp EDA

Lung slit 肺縫
Epigastric furrow
Epigynum (of female)

Barrel-shaped Spinnerets
Ground spiders are characterized by having barrel-shaped spinnerets that are one spinneret diameter apart.

Anterior spinnerets

Anterior spinnerets are separated by almost their width and characteristically tubular.


Anterior = Front 前面的

The body length of this female Hitobia is 3.5mm

Few years earlier a male was found in Sungai Tawau River. No other male seen since then. More about this male Hitobia sp SG TAWAU

Hitobia sp SG TAWAU

Hitobia sp SG TAWAU
Male 4.5MM
Location : SUNGAI TAWAU 16-8-2009