Pardosa birmanicaPardosa birmanica


Family: Lycosidae
Genus: Pardosa

Species : Pardosa birmanica

EDA SAWMILL 7-11-2014 FRI 10:09AM

Pardosa birmanica is a wolf spider between 5 mm and 8 mm in length and has a brownish coloured body with darker brown markings or spots.


Its body is divided into two parts:
1- Cephalothorax
A fused head and thorax that  holds eight eyes, four pairs of legs and the jaws.

2- Abdomen.
The abdomen holds silk-producing spinnerets at the rear.


The females are usually slightly larger than males and carry their eggs in a round sack made of silk beneath the abdomen attached by the silk threads produced from the spinnerets, but they lack the sooty-black hairs on the end of the pedipalps.

The spider relies heavily on its eyesight to locate and stalk its prey, and its body is specially adapted for this purpose with its head squared off at the sides with two large and four smaller eyes facing forward, giving excellent frontal vision and two additional eyes situated on top of the head which extend the range of vision sideways and to the rear.

Pardosa birmanica

Pardosa birmanica This female body length is 7.5mm

We have in our image bank a total of 4 female Pardosa birmanica including the above female.
Here are the 4 female.

Female Pardosa birmanica

Sungai Tawau

Sungai Tawau

Sungai Tawau

Eda Sawmill

Pardosa birmanica Pardosa birmanica Pardosa birmanica Pardosa birmanica
Female wolf spider carrying young spiderlings on her back.   Female wolf spider carrying young on back. The hatched babies stay on their mother for some days.