Family: Salticidae
Subfamily: Hisponinae

Species : Bavia sp ESPLANADE
23-11-2014 ESPLANADE


ESPLANADE 23-11-2014 SUN 3:00PM

Rectengular headed salticids with long abdomens.

Found on shrubs and plants.

Their large, dark, anterior median eyes are noticed immediately.

The long thin bodies, long legs and long chelicerae of males are characteristic.

This is another genus of medium length -legged and long, thin-bodied salticids often found on the leaves on shrubs or the lower branches of trees.

The eye region is dark brown and the eye surrounds black.

The thorax and sides are brown grading to dark brown at the margin, and carrying a sprinkling of white hairs and patches.

 The abdomen is long and tubular, rounded anteriorly and tapering very gradually to the spinnerets. It is brown in colour with a series of dark brown patches and small white dots running the length of the abdomen.

The female has a brown abdomen with a broad, median, yellow stripe.

The front legs are darker with yellow tarsi. They are long, somewhat robust and held out in front almost scorpion style.

The remaining legs are shorter, slender, yellowish-brown with dark brown femora. There are not many spines, but the ventral spines on leg I are short and robust.

Cephalothorax or prosoma : A fused head and thorax胸部

The cephalothorax is broad and flattish, slightly longer than wide. The head is flat, with the curved thorax sloping steadily and the sides more steeply to the margin of the carapace.

Body Length is 9.5mm