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Myrmarachne japonica

Family : Salticidae (Jumping Spider)
Myrmarachne japonica


Myrmarachne japonica

Photo above : A Myrmarachne japonica ant Mimicry spider on the skin surface of human's hand. Found and photograph on 25 June 2009 Merotai, Malaysia

日本蟻蛛 This ant Mimicry spider body length is only 3mm.  Smaller then the 4.2-5mm species found in Japan.

Body color reddish-brown, slender body, narrow between the chest and abdomen is the inter-shrinking waist.

Front to back after the first eye with black stripes, a black section of the abdomen after transverse band. But some  individual differences with stripe or spot disappeared.

The feet are yellowish-brown transparent black side stripes.

Widely distributed throughout Malaysia. Found in low-elevation mountain areas, habitat of low bush or fence, wall, walk way to predation. Commontly mistaken by hman as an red ant.

Smallest spider species  in Malaysia. Size of a Myrmarachne japonica Ant mimicry spider : Body length : 3 mm, Width : 1 mm

 Left : Actual size of this Malaysian Myrmarachne spider. 3mm in body length.

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