Myrmarachne cornuta sp Type#1 BLACK
Myrmarachne cornuta sp Type#1 RED
  Myrmarachne cornuta sp Type#2
  Myrmarachne cornuta sp Type#3

Family: Salticidae
Subfamily: Myrmarachninae
Genus: Myrmarachne
Species : Myrmarachne cornuta sp Type#1 RED


EASTERN 26-10-2014 SUN

This is unusually large ant mimic spider. Found behind Eastern Plaza. Behind Eastern Plaza is the lower stream of Sungai Tawau River. Between the river and the Plaza is a piece undeveloped commercial land over grown with tall grasses and shrubs trees. This male spider was resting in it cocoon on a leave of a crippling plant.

This species look strikingly like ants.

The cephalothorax is elongated, with long chelicerae projecting forward in males. A waist is present on the cephalothorax, and often also on the opisthosoma.

Colors vary from black to yellow, depending on the mimicked ant species.

There are many undescribed southeast Asian species of Ant mimic Spiders


The eight eyes of Myrmarachne cornuta.

The body length of this male Myrmarachne cornuta is 10mm.

Just the waist itself is 1mm, a 10% of the body length