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Hyllus semicupreus
Family: Salticidae
Subfamily: Plexippinae
Genus: Hyllus

Species : Hyllus semicupreus


Location : SUNGAI TAWAU 21-9-2014 SUN 1:27PM

One of the boldest of jumping spiders. These species hunt all kind of insects including other spider species.  Size is 10mm. Very hairy.

Hyllus semicupreus

Hyllus semicupreus Body Length = 10mm

Hyllus semicupreus is a common spider in Borneo. Here are 6 More individuals from different locations. Most of them are from the same location in Merotai.

Hyllus semicupreus are active hunter on insects as can see from the following individuals their pray include Lynx Spider, Robber Fly and House Fly.

All the following found are females. No male seen yet. Male is unknown and remain as a mystery at this time being.

Hyllus semicupreus Female
3-10-2006 MEROTAI
Hyllus semicupreus Female
8-11-2006 MEROTAI
Consuming an Lynx Spider
Hyllus semicupreus Female
28-2-2007 MEROTAI
Consuming a Robber Fly
Hyllus semicupreus Female
15-8-2007 MEROTAI
Consuming a House Fly
Hyllus semicupreus Female
3-7-2009 MEROTAI
Hyllus semicupreus Female

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