Family: Scytodidae
Genus: Scytodes
Scytodes fusca

Classification: Family Scytodidae, Spitting Spiders.
Habitat: Dry, dusty and sheltered corners of wooden houses, especially under the floor of stilted huts.
Female: 5-7 mm.
Male: 5-6 mm.
Distribution: Singapore (new record), Indonesia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, northern Australia, southern Japan.
Eggs are carried around by the mother under the palps.

Like the Sicariidae and Diguetidae these spiders are haplogyne (lack hardened female genitalia) and
The spider lives in a loose tangle of silk with a funnel retreat inside crevices. Whereas most spiders have eight eyes, Spitting Spiders have only six.
The family comprise nocturnal and slow-moving spiders that immobilise their prey by spraying two jets of glue-venom mixture through their fangs. The glue is produced by large glands inside the cephalothorax, which has a characteristic plump shape.

Scytodes fusca
Scytodes fusca
Female ♀5mm
23-8-2009 ABACA
Scytodes fusca
Scytodes fusca
Male ♂5mm
30-8-2009 ABACA
Scytodes fusca
Scytodes fusca
Male  ♂
15-12-2009 TEA GARDEN
Scytodes ABACA
Scytodes fusca



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