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Genus Thomisus

Only 1 record for Borneo in this Genus

Thomisus is a genus of crab spiders (family Thomisidae) with more than 100 species and an almost worldwide distribution.

In most species females are four to ten mm long, with males two to seven mm. Many are brightly colored, usually matching the color of the flower they are waiting on for prey.

This species of  White Crab Spider has translucent head and legs. Body is white with a few small black spots at the outer corners. The spider will retreat if approached. The stout legs and shape of body give it a crab appearance.

Their habitat and hunts among foliage and flowers, capturing its prey with powerful front legs.

A male spider in the Genus Thomisus

Male of a Thomisus species

1-9-2011 KUNDASANG

Thomisus RANAU

Thomisus RANAU

Female 7mm

15-12-2009 RANAU

Thomisus stoliczka


Thomisus BABANGA

Thomisus BABANGA

Female 9mm

16-9-2009 Babanga Forest Reserve

Thomisus ABAKA

Thomisus ABAKA

Female 5.5mm

6-9-2009 ABACA

Thomisus TEA

Thomisus TEA


14-12-2009 Sabah Tea Garden 


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