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6-12-2012 Merotai

Recent Update :

Myrmarachne Merotai
Myrmarachne Merotai


Pseudicius GOMANTONG
Pseudicius GOMANTONG


Hersiliidae SUKAU
Hersilia SUKAU



About 35,000 spider species are recognized today. These are sorted into about 100 families in 3 suborders.

To identify spiders often one need to examine obscure features of their anatomy --

1) their mouthparts,

2) spinnerets (silk-producing parts) and

3) leg structure.


蜘蛛 (網路圖鑑):

A Gallery of  Spider Species of Sabah

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Malaysian Spiders Guide

Arachniphobia :  Itís kind of a mystery why so many people fear spiders.

Spider Anatomy

The World Spider Catalog, Version 6.5
American Museum of Natural History

Spiders of North America: an identification manual
Edited by Darrell Ubick, Pierre Paquin, Paula E. Cushing, and Vince Roth

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USA Spider Identification Chart :

蜘蛛目Order Araneida
A pictorial browser of Spiders of Borneo
and of the world

Relative of spiders:

Order Opiliones
A) Harvestman (Laniatores)
B) Daddy-long-leg (Palpatores)

Order Pseudoscorpiones
C) Pseudoscorpian

Order Acari
D) Tick
E) Mite

spiny spiders

Pseudicius GOMANTONGPsechrus GOMANTONGGasteracantha hasselti

地蛛科 Atypidae

櫛蛛科 Ctenidae

法師蛛科Zodariidae 、上戶蛛、(No internet image yet)

Ground Spiders


Nursery Web Spiders  Pisauridae Family

盗蛛科 (跑蛛科Pisauridae)

 黑腹狼蛛、沙地豹蛛、溝渠豹蛛、馬蛛、跑蛛 、姣蛛、蝦蛛