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Spiders of Sungai Tawau
Spiders of Sarawak
Family : Salticidae

1.1 - Orb & Sheet web builders

1.1.1a Orb-Web Spiders
(Family Araneidae)























Gasteracantha diardi

Gasteracantha diardi
Female 20mm
6-9-2009 BOMBALAI







Cyclosa bifidaCyclosa bifida

Cyclosa bifida
Female 7.5mm
19-7-2009 Bukit Gemok




Argiope versicolor

Argiope versicolor
New record in Sabah
11-12-2009 PORING










Acusilas malaccensis

Acusilas malaccensis
Female 11mm
14-7-2015 THP




Genus Heurodes

Heurodes sp
Tree Stump Orb Weaver Spider




Neoscona nautica
Female 8mm
17-11-2014 EDA





Family: Araneidae
Female 5mm
25-7-2014 BATU LINTANG




Family: Araneidae
Singa sp SG TAWAU
Female 2mm
Location : Beside Tawau River 9-8-2009









Liprocea fusiformis/Larnia fusiformisLariniaria SEMARAK
Family: Araneidae  Genus Lariniaria
Liprocea fusiformis/Larnia fusiformis
Female 9mm Location : Taman Semarak 15-8-2009









The spider family Araneidae has 168 genus with 3000 over species.

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1.1.1b Web Spiders
(Family Nephilidae)










Nephila pilipes - Female
The Nephilidae spider family has 75 described species in four genera. They were formerly grouped in the families Araneidae and Tetragnathidae.

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1.1.1b Sheet-Web Spiders
(Family Linyphiidae)




Linyphiidae family are very small spiders, including more than 4,300 described species in 578 genera worldwide. This makes Linyphiidae the second largest family of spiders after the Family Salticidae.

More species in : Family Linyphiidae


1.1.2 - Big-Jawed Spiders
Family Tetragnathidae




Mesida sp PRAWN FARMEyes of Mesida sp PRAWN FARM
Mesida sp PRAWN FARMEyes of Mesida sp PRAWN FARM
Genus Mesida NEW SPECIESGenus Mesida NEW SPECIES

Mesida sp PRAWN FARM
Male and Female found together
27-10-2014 PRAWN FARM

Genus Mesida NEW SPECIES





Leucauge sp BOMBALAILeucauge sp BOMBALAI

Leucauge sp BOMBALAI
BOMBALAI 16-9-2012










Pear-Shaped Leucauge (Opadometa fastigata)

Male: 3.5 mm.  Female: 8-9 mm. 




Tylorida ventralis
Tylorida ventralis
12-7-2009 GUDANG 4






Tetragnatha praedonia
16-12-2006 BUKIT GEMOK




Tetragnatha maxillosa Male Tetragnatha maxillosa eyes

Tetragnatha maxillosa
29-6-2009 SG TAWAU




Leucauge blanda

Family Tetragnathidae (The long-jawed orb weavers or long jawed spiders) are elongated spiders with long legs and chelicerae.

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1.3 - Spiders with cribellum and calamistrum

1.3.1 Feather-Legged Spiders
(Family Uloboridae)




Miagrammopes sp TBL Male

Miagrammopes sp TBL
Male 7mm
14-7-2015 TBL






Zosis geniculatus
Zosis geniculata/Zosis geniculatus

22-11-2014 WOODWORKING

Uloboridae Spider (the cribellate orb weavers or hackled orb weavers) kill their prey by crushing with over 140 metres of thread instead of venom because they have no venom.

More about the spiders in Family Uloboridae

1.3.2 Psechrid Spiders
(Family Psechridae)




Psechrus borneo Female
Spiders of the Family Psechridae are among the biggest cribellate spiders

See more details on Family Psechridae

1.2 - Builders of three-dimensional webs

1.2.1 Comb-Footed Spiders
(Family Theridiidae)




Theridion zebrinum Female

Theridion zebrinum
23-12-2014 CROCKER RANGE




Rhomphaea sp TBL Male 6mmRhomphaea sp TBL Female

Rhomphaea sp TBL
Male 6mm
Female 4.5mm
14-7-2015 TBL







Thwaitesia sp TBL

Thwaitesia sp TBL
Female 4.5mm
14-7-2015 TBL













Argyrodes flavescensRed Silver Spider (Argyrodes flavescens)
Argyrodes flavescens
Sometimes mistaken as   Argyrodes miniaceus
Female 3.5mm-5mm

8-7-2009 PUI YUK



Janula batman
Janula batman Yoshida & Koh, 2011 Borneo



Silver Comb-Footed Spider (Argyrodes bonadea)
(easy confused with Argyrodes argentatus)


Arachnura GERGASSI
This large spider family Theridiidae (the tangle-web spiders, cobweb spiders and comb-footed spiders) is a diverse family includes over 2200 species in over 100 genera.

More spiders in Family Theridiidae

1.2.2 Daddy-Long-Leg Spiders
(Family Pholcidae)




Crossopriza lyoni FemaleCrossopriza lyoni Female

Crossopriza lyoni

emale 5mm
21-11-2014 EDA







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